SILICA DUST – final conference of EU social dialogue project

The final conference of the EU social dialogue project “Reducing Respirable Crystalline Silica Dust Effectively” will take place on 18th January, from 10.00 to 13.30.The aim of this project is to provide state of the art guidance and support to construction companies, workers, OSH coordinators and other relevant experts in view of a proper implementation of the European occupational exposure limit value for Respirable Crystalline Silica.

At the final conference, the research results and the mapping of construction activities will be presented. This mapping uses a traffic light system to show, for as many construction activities as possible, how companies can reach a green light, by taking the correct prevention measures. Furthermore, dissemination activities and possible actions at national and company levels will be discussed with the participants.



BIM-Speed Industry Days


Are you interested to know more about the methods and tools that EU funded project BIM-SPEED is developing to facilitate BIM adoption in residential renovation projects in order to increase the energy saving potential?

If yes, join Industry days that will be held online on the 9th December at 11h (CET).

During the event speakers will focus on best practices of using BIM in residential renovation projects with the focus on high performance buildings, and provide guidance and advice.



European Labour Authority adopts procedures for dispute mediation

On 29th November, the European Labout Authority (ELA) announced that the procedure for EU Member States labour mobility dispute mediation and the cooperation agreement with SOLVIT had been adopted.
SOLVIT is a service provided by the European Commission for national administrations. It is an online network on out-of-court solutions to business complaints about the misapplication of EU rules in the internal market.The ELA will be in a position to launch the mediation procedure in 2022. The Rules of Procedures for mediation clarify how ELA could mediate disputes between Member States regarding labour mobility issues.ELA will be able to mediate, for instance, disputes between two Member States related to minimum wage, working time in cross-border situations, living conditions that the employer provides and allowances or reimbursement of employees’ travel expenses for mobile workers, disputes related to posting of workers and social security cases.

The Cooperation Agreement between ELA and SOLVIT, on the other hand, is meant to allow better coordination between ELA and SOLVIT when it comes to case referral and the exchange of information.



Market dialogue: zero emission construction sites

On 1 December, FIEC participated in a market dialogue organised by the bigbuyers initiative which brought together contracting authorities, machine manufacturers and construction companies to exchange on the state of play of emission-free construction sites. Undoubtely, zero emission construction sites are not just a fantasy. Several contracting authorities, especially in Northern Europe, are already requiring the use of emission-free machinery on site, machine manufacturers are decarbonising their product line and construction companies are transforming their machinery fleet. Still, strategic public procurement needs scaling up to create a business case. Predictability is essential for companies to make profitable choices.