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The European Union is one of, if not the greatest, achievements of our shared history. It has provided for long-lasting peace across our continent and has brought European people together around the fundamental values of democracy, human rights, freedom and equality.

Read the full statement from the European business community on the 2019 European Parliament elections in the link below.


Future of Europe: 5 priority areas proposed by the European Commission

On 9th May, the Heads of State and Governments will hold an informal meeting in Sibiu, Romania. The Sibiu Summit is the culmination of a process of reflection on the future of the European Union in 2025, which began in 2017. As a contribution to the forthcoming discussions, on 30th April the European Commission presented its 5 priorities for action – based on extensive public consultations: a protective Europe, a competitive Europe, a fair Europe, a sustainable Europe and an influential Europe.
These priorities are based on several observations, including: – the high level of quality of life in Europe; – the long-term ageing of the population; – the increasing digitisation of economies; – the need to accelerate the energy transition to meet the commitments of the Paris Agreement; – the defence of multilateralism at international level.
At the June European Council, the EU Member States will adopt their strategic agenda for 2020-2024, drawing on the work from the Sibiu Summit. This agenda is intended to inspire the five-year work programme for the next European Commission, which will take over in November 2019.




VET4LEC final reports available

The project VET4LEC (Inclusive Vocational Education and Training (VET) for Low Energy Construction) was undertaken by FIEC and the EFBWW, the EU sectoral social Partners for the construction industry, with the aim, on the one hand, of mapping the current situation in 10 Member States as regards the integration of “green” skills and competences in the national VET systems and, on the other hand, of sharing best practice and providing guidelines and recommendations for improvements.The main final report of the project (available in 7 languages) and the 10 specific country reports (available in EN only) can be downloaded from the FIEC website by clicking on the button below.

FIEC is hiring!

FIEC is looking for a dynamic, solution-oriented and motivated Junior Policy Officer for its Economic and Legal Affairs Commission.