Investing in construction means investing in a sustainable horizon

At the dawn of a new year that we hope will bring recovery and revival and a brighter future, let us look back over the past year during which the construction sector made its voice heard at European level, further asserting its importance as an essential economic ally in overcoming this crisis.  The industry can effectively meet the challenges of tomorrow, namely, amongst others, the Green Deal, Pact for Skills, digitalisation.The motto for the years ahead: investing in construction means investing in a sustainable horizon.

Check out FIEC Milestones 2020 which illustrate the key role of the construction sector in tackling the main challenges ahead!



Portugal takes the Presidency of the Council of the EU

On 1st January Portugal took over the Presidency of the Council of the EU, from Germany. During the next 6 months its priorities will focus on the following main lines of action :

  1. Promoting Europe’s recovery, cohesion and values, with particular attention to the execution of the new Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the Next Generation EU instrument, in order to recover from the crisis and lay the foundations for sustainable growth and job creation.
  2. Promoting the EU as a leader in climate action by prioritising the implementation of the EU Green Deal with a view to sustainable economic recovery. Approving the first European Climate Law and supporting all efforts to turn Europe into the first carbon neutral continent by 2050; ensuring the common commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 55%, in relation to 1990, by 2030.
  3. Accelerating the digital transformation in the service of citizens and enterprises and encouraging new digital solutions and strategies for the green transition, in the fields of health, research and innovation (R&I), industrial property, justice and mobility. But also paying attention to the universal development of digital skills, enabling workers to adapt to new production processes, without forgetting distance learning within the framework of lifelong learning.
  4. Promoting and strengthening the European social model by organising a Social Summit, in Porto in May, to give political momentum to the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights and the respective Action Plan.


You can find the complete work programme as well as all other useful information regarding the Portuguese Presidency by clicking on the “Read more” button below.



Chinese companies double their European public contracts in 2020


According to a recently published article by the Wall Street Journal, Chinese companies were awarded public contracts worth at least €2 billion in 2020 and thus doubled their gains from the previous years. Among the affected sectors is construction where Chinese companies are winning public projects such as the Pelješac Bridge in Croatia. “When we see the numbers on bids, we see prices no private company could compete with,” says our Director General, Domenico Campogrande.



Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction

The Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction recently launched its report for 2020.  The report highlights an increase in energy-related C02 emissions, to 9.95 GtC02 in 2019. This increase was due to a shift towards electricity in the use phase, with a higher carbon content due to the high proportion of fossil fuels used in its generation.  When emissions from operations are added, the construction sector accounted for 38 per cent of total global energy-related C02 emissions.  You can access the report on the link below.