Study on digitalisation and Health and Safety

Digitalisation, including robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), is likely to have major impacts on the nature and location of work over the next 10 years, including in the construction industry. Technologies are diffusing much faster than in the past and they are expected to fundamentally change where we work, how we work and who will work.
On this issue the EU-OSHA published a study for building visions of possible future scenarios that are relevant to OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) policies.
The study should help to:

  • have a better understanding of longer-term developments that could affect workers and how these may result from current policy decisions;
  • consider priorities for OSH research and actions that would prevent the occurrence of the possible new and emerging risks identified or minimise their possible negative impact in the future.

Road Infrastructure Safety Management: bridges and tunnels out…

Contrary to what FIEC requested, the revised Directive on Road Infrastructure Safety Management (RISM) will not include bridges and tunnels in its scope. While the European Parliament supported the extension of the scope of the Directive to bridges and tunnels, the Council only accepted a reference in the recitals of the text.
Obviously, this is a missed opportunity to strengthen the maintenance and upgrade of these key transport assets.
Nonetheless, the reform will extend the scope of the current rules to motorways and other primary roads beyond the trans-European transport network (TEN-T). The directive will also cover roads outside urban areas that are built using EU funding. These developments are welcomed by FIEC.
It was on 21st February that representatives of the Parliament and Council came to this political agreement. It must now be endorsed individually by the European Parliament and the Council.

UK chemicals manufacturers must transfer REACH registrations

UK chemicals manufacturers need to transfer their REACH registrations before 29 March, in order to avoid problems in the event of a no-deal Brexit scenario. To keep substances that are registered under REACH legally on the EU-27/EEA market, UK-based manufacturers and formulators can either transfer their business to, or appoint a representative in, one of the EU-27/EEA countries.  A “Brexit window” will be open on REACH-IT from 12-29 March.  Step by step instructions, a list of substances registered only by UK companies, as well as a video and FAQs are available on the site.

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