BIM-SPEED project starts

The BIM-SPEED project officially started in November, with the kick-off meeting held last week in Brussels. The project aims to make a decisive contribution to the energy performance of residential buildings, by using “BIM for renovation” to achieve faster and more effective deep renovation of residential buildings.

BIM-SPEED will help construction stakeholders to adopt BIM tools and methods by providing an affordable BIM cloud platform, a set of interoperable tools and standardised procedures for as-built data acquisition, modelling, simulation, implementation and maintenance of renovation solutions.  Read the joint article by FIEC and EBC in BIM Today, by clicking on the link below.



FIEC and EFBWW provide their support to the Latvian social partners

The EU sectoral social partners for the construction industry, FIEC and the EFBWW, have addressed a letter to the Latvian authorities in support of their Latvian members.Last May the Latvian social partners signed a first sectoral collective agreement, which would improve the living standards of all Latvian construction workers. However, the amendment to the Labour Law that is required to implement such a collective agreement was rejected by the President of the Republic.

“The development and support of sectoral industrial relations, as well as the autonomy of the social partners, have always been and will continue to be a high priority on our agenda. We strongly believe that the officially recognised social partners are best placed to adequately take into account the specific needs of our industry and to define the most appropriate frame for ensuring its competitiveness and long-term sustainability.” said Kjetil Tonning, FIEC President.

The Latvian Parliament will re-examine the case very soon.