FIEC and its members are committed to respecting the measures and requirements imposed in the different countries, in particular “social distancing”, in order to slow down and stop the development of Covid-19.

Our thoughts go to all those people who are in the front line (doctors, nurses, police,….), to those who have been touched by the disease, and all the workers and companies who are heavily impacted by the pandemic.

COVID-19  : Joint statement by main EU construction stakeholders

In response to the Covid crisis, FIEC and some of the other main stakeholders of the construction sector have issued a joint statement asking for urgent measures to protect workers’ health, support economic activity and accelerate the recovery.The signatories also ask the European Commission to open a dialogue, as soon as the circumstances allow it, in order to jointly identify and implement appropriate measures to limit the downturn and facilitate a rapid recovery of all construction activities.



Webinar on EU Taxonomy

On 26 March, Climate Bonds Initiative together with members of the Technical Expert Group (TEG) on Sustainable Finance organised a webinar explaining the basics of the upcoming EU Taxonomy. This webinar marks the start of a series of presentations that will take place over the coming weeks.Importantly, taxonomy was characterised as a procurement plan for the future, i.e. a potential framework for post-virus stimulus packages. In that sense, the experts pointed to the use of taxonomy beyond financial products. Taxonomy could also serve as an assessment tool for green bank loans.

The construction of new buildings and renovation measures as well as low carbon transport infrastructure are included in taxonomy. FIEC will intensify its work on the technical screening criteria in the coming weeks in order to give valuable input to future consultations.



EU campaign against undeclared work still running

The Week of Action of the EU cross-sectoral prevention campaign, initially planned for 16-20 March, has been postponed due to COVID-19, but it is still running on social media! 🙂

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Our own video spot, prepared in collaboration with the trade unions (EFBWW), will be published soon!