Celebrating EU labour mobility

The European Commission recently launched a campaign celebrating two important milestones of  European integration, as the year 2018 marks the 60thanniversary of EU rules on the coordination of social security systems, and the 50th anniversary of the founding regulations on freedom of movement for workers.

Considerable efforts have been put forward in order to facilitate free movement of workers and protect their rights, while at the same time avoid social dumping and give national authorities the tools to fight risks of abuse or cases of fraud.

Two legislative proposals, the revision of the “Social Security” Regulations and the “European Labour Authority”, are still under discussion and the Commission would like to have them adopted before the end of the legislature.



Vote on the revision of the Eurovignette Directive in the European Parliament

On 25 October, the Rapporteur Christine Revault d’Allonnes-Bonnefoy presented her report to the plenary session of the European Parliament. The report was adopted by 398 votes in favour, 179 against and 32 abstentions. The various measures proposed are:

– The prohibition on Member States to adopt new vignettes for heavy goods vehicles and vans based on duration, as soon as the new directive enters into force, but this prohibition on vignettes based on duration will not apply to passenger cars, which have been removed from the definition of light commercial vehicle.
– Existing heavy goods vehicle stickers will remain valid until the end of 2022, before being replaced by distance-based charges.
– Existing vignettes for light commercial vehicles will no longer be in force after 31 December 2027.

The adoption of this report is not the final adoption of the text. The Council of the European Union must debate and determine its position. Nothing is expected to be finalised before the European elections in May 2019.



CICA international seminar on Construction 4.0

The Confederation of International Contractors’ Associations (CICA) will host a seminar in Paris on 5 November. Construction 4.0 for Smarter Cities & Infrastructure will be opened by CICA President Jorge Mas. Speakers include FIEC President Kjetil Tonning and representatives from Bouygues SA, McKinsey & Company Inc. and construction associations from around the world.