FIEC is ready for the #EUGreenDeal challenge!

On 29th November in Paris, FIEC held a conference on «The EU Green Deal: opportunities and challenges for the construction sector«. This was a response to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s commitment to make Europe «the World’s first climate-neutral continent«.
Keynote speaker Brice Lalonde, President of the think tank «Equilibre des Energies» (EdEn), urged the construction industry to be proactive, make its voice heard and explain clearly its needs, whilst at the same time offering solutions to EU decision-makers.
FIEC President Kjetil Tonning declared that the construction industry is ready for the EU Green Deal. «We have already been building sustainably for years and we will take a step by step approach towards these evermore ambitious environmental goals. We are an industry undergoing transformation anyway and we will set some key green priorities, to enable us to fulfill our environmental obligations,» he said.

BIM-SPEED partners meet in Valladolid

BIM-SPEED is an EU funded research project, which is creating BIM tools for the renovation of residential buildings. The project has been running for just over a year.  FIEC will eventually produce guidelines based on the findings of the project, for the use of BIM in renovation.  This work will be done towards the latter stages of the project. In the meantime, partners met last week to discuss progress. You can join the stakeholder community, or simply find out more by visiting the website below.

SME Annual Report underlines immense weight of the construction sector

On 26 November 2019 the European Commission published its annual report on European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With regard to construction, the report shows the immense weight of the sector and its SMEs in the EU economy: The construction industry accounts for 15% of all non-financial business (NFBS) enterprises in the EU. From 2016 to 2018, construction SMEs contributed 11.5% to the growth of value added in the EU NFBS. The growth in employment for the same period, construction SMEs contributed 13.9%. Furthemore, in 2018, SME labour productivity increased the most strongly in construction, namely by 5.4%.



Ukraine construction confederation joins FIEC


On 29/11 the General Assembly of FIEC unanimously accepted the Confederation of Builders for Ukraine (CBU) as a new member, as from 1/1/2020.

“The future of Ukraine is closely connected with the EU. Our task as the largest professional association of Ukraine is to promote the swift and comprehensive implementation of European values in the Ukrainian construction market, harmonise standards and increase the investment climate. We are confident that our membership in FIEC will be mutually beneficial and open up new opportunities for the implementation of projects by European companies in Ukraine, one of the largest European markets with a population of almost 43 million citizens.” declared Mr. Lev Partskhaladze, President of CBU.