DigiPLACE On-line information event 29 April

As the workshop that was planned to take place in Hannover on 29 April had to be postponed, we are instead holding an information event on-line so that you can learn about the progress of the DigiPLACE project.  The event will take place from 10h to 11h30 (CET) and registration is open.  The programme and registration link can be found below.

Increased lending capacity for banks

One month ago, the Basel Committee announced the deferral of the Basel III implementation to increase the operational capacity of banks to respond to Covid-19. In line with this, the European Commission will soon issue legislative proposals to relax the regulatory framework for banks. Also, it will present guidelines on flexibility provisions in the existing framework.

Having had concerns regarding the implementation of Basel III even before the crisis, FIEC strongly welcomes these steps as banks will be central to the economic recovery of the EU.

Video conference with Commissioner Simson: Renovation wave

On 23 April FIEC participated in a video conference with Commissioner Simson, responsible for Energy, for an exchange of views on the forthcoming Renovation Wave.
The discussion focused on the contribution of building renovation to the post Covid-19 recovery,  financing, how to get projects off the ground quickly and on the possible regulatory obstacles to be removed.
FIEC also asked for renovation of infrastructure be included in the initiative.
An open consultation should be launched probably in June and the Commission’s proposal is expected in Q3 2020.



#COVID-19 – EU guidance for a safe return to the workplace

On 24th April, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) issued guidance on going back to work after coronavirus.The guidelines cover risk assessment and appropriate measures, worker participation, care for sick workers, planning and learning of best practice, and information for workers and sectors.More specifically, the guidelines provide answers to practical questions that employers may have, such as how to minimise exposure to coronavirus in the workplace, how to update their risk assessment and how to care for sick workers in general. The measures are adapted to each sector as well as to the Member States.