Extraordinary results for the Italian 110% Superbonus

7.5 billion EUR worth of work in just over a year and 46.000 new construction sites: these are the figures for the Italian 110% Superbonus, a 110% tax deduction measure on expenses incurred for renovation of existing buildings or works to improve energy efficiency.After several years of severe crisis in the construction sector (the level of activity in the sector is still 35% lower than it was in 2008) and various inconclusive attempts by the Government to revive the sector, this initiative is achieving very significant results, even exceeding the expectations of the Government and operators.

The Italian Government is now considering extending the measure until 2023 in order to consolidate the benefits already achieved in terms of reducing CO2 emissions, improving health and relaunching the economy and the construction sector.



CEDEFOP study on cross-border long-term apprentice mobility

The European Center for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) has recently released a report to which FIEC contributed on the Enablers and disablers of cross-border long-term apprentice mobility (CBLTMA) – evidence from country and project level investigations.

By considering the specificities of apprenticeships, this publication presents reflections on the enablers and disablers of cross-border long-term apprentice mobility and shows what would need to be taken into account to make CBLTMA work in the medium to long term.

Several country case studies are also available.


FIEC is pleased to partner with Climate Action during #COP26 taking place in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November.  The Sustainable Innovation Forum 2021, hosted by Climate Action, will help build tangible partnerships between business, government, UN agencies and the NGO community to accelerate the global transition to net zero. This high level summit will identify the breakthrough innovation and technologies that can be deployed and scaled now, and the importance of public-private partnerships and finance.
Registration link#ClimateActionLive #SIF21