The European Commission invests €97 million in energy efficient housing

The European Local ENergy Assistance (ELENA) facility will benefit from EUR 97 million of new funding from the European Commission for its envelope dedicated to residential buildings. This budget will support project development services for energy efficiency investments in privately and publicly owned housing.
The European Investment Bank (EIB), which implements ELENA, will provide assistance and expertise and act as the point of contact. Project development services will mainly be directed towards households and homeowner associations with a view to increasing comfort and reducing energy bills.
Accelerating energy efficiency refurbishment of housing is a key European priority, as part of the Clean Energy Package. In particular, in December 2018, the EU Member States agreed to reduce energy consumption by 32.5 % by 2030.



World Construction Forum 2019

The World Construction Forum 2019 will take place in Ljubljana on 8-11 April.  The event will focus on Buildings and Infrastructure Resilience, a subject that is growing in importance, especially in the context of climate change and of ageing infrastructure in need of maintenance. The event is organised by the World Federation of Engineering Organisations, the Slovenian Chamber of Engineers and the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering. FIEC’s Chairman of its Working Group on Construction 4.0 will moderate a session “Construction 4.0 Advanced Construction Engineering.”  It is not too late to register and more information can be found below.



Provisional agreement on “Transparent and predictable working conditions”

The European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council have reached a provisional agreement on the European Commission’s proposal for a new directive to create more transparent and predictable working conditions, in particular for workers in non-standard forms of employment.

The aim of this proposal presented by the Commission in December 2017 was to :

  • broaden and modernise existing obligations to inform each worker of his or her working conditions,
  • create new minimum standards to ensure that all workers benefit from more transparency and predictability.
This provisional agreement now has to be formally adopted by both the European Parliament and the Council.


SKILLCO project : Conference on 10/4/2019

This ERASMUS+ project, led by our Slovenian member CCIS, covers Germany, Hungary and Slovenia and is about “Skills sector alliances for transfer of knowledge and skills of Vocational Education and Training in construction”.
During the conference on 10th April the project partners will present and discuss the main outcomes with the audience.
The official invitation and programme will follow soon.