Michel Barnier in Rome to contribute ‘’building our Campaign for the 2024 EU Elections’’

On 12 May in Rome, in his special address at the FIEC Annual Conference, Michel Barnier, former EU Commissioner, and Chief Negotiator on Brexit, illustrated how the Covid pandemic and the latest geo-political developments have impacted the EU structures and economy. With an open eye on current governance at national level, Michel Barnier looked ahead, together with FIEC and its members, and shared views on the upcoming EU 2024 elections.The conference, entitled “Building our Campaign for the 2024 EU Elections”, was hosted at the Rome headquarters of our Italian member federation ANCE (Associazione Nazionale Costruttori Edili). Barnier highlighted the importance of seeking ‘’unity’’ for Europe and presented his outlook on the forthcoming 2024 EU elections. «Due to the uncertainties and weak stability of the World – and Europe – we need to protect, consolidate, reform, improve and strengthen the Single Market, which is our main asset» – he remarked.

FIEC President, Philip Crampton, stressed that «during the current mandate, the European Commission and the other institutions have defined the framework and set the basis for a decarbonised Europe by 2050. It is now time to implement such transition and the construction industry has a key role to play in this plan».
With reference to the role of FIEC, Michel Barnier commented positively on the usefulness of «(…) being represented in Brussels, at the heart of the institutions, to coordinate, act and speak collectively at EU level and with continuity».

Furthermore, the Federation hosted on stage a keynote speech by Andrea Tobia Zevi, Member of the Rome Council, and passed a message sent by Antonio Tajani, Italy’s Deputy PM, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and former President of the European Parliament.



Cities of 2050
”Oasis of Innovation”

This year’s edition of the FIEC Conference in Rome combined the political, socio-economic and environmental dimensions with the entrepreneurial spirit. A specific focus was given to the challenges and opportunities of the future Cities of 2050 thanks to the highly impressive presentation of the ‘’Oasis of Innovation’’, a concept developed by Miloslavsky Architects, matching breakthrough technology with sustainable resources, materials, business models and management methods to build smart cites in the desert. «In our future cities, we must develop unique building typologies, community and connections between the people and their environment» – explained Aynav Ziv, Head of the International Department.

election of Piero Petrucco as FIEC First Vice-President

During its meeting held in Rome the General Assembly elected Piero Petrucco (Italy) as First Vice-President of the Federation.
Petrucco has been member of FIEC Steering Committee since December 2019 with responsibility for sustainability and competitiveness. He is the CEO of Icop Basiliano (Udine) and currently Vice-President at ANCE, where he is in charge of managing the Study Centre and the Recovery Plan (or NRRP: National Recovery and Resilience Plan).Honoured of accepting this candidacy, Petrucco reiterated the strategic role of FIEC for current and future actions at EU and international level.

«It is a very interesting time to exercise this role» – he commented. «Among the upcoming priorities are the rules on the sustainability of buildings. In Europe, there will be a lot to do, and jointly, to have economically compatible rules. We will make all efforts to ensure that – while taking such rigid steps towards the emissions cut and achieving the 2030 Agenda objectives – the EU  will contemplate incentives, given the enormity of the volumes involved. The other highlight will be the continued commitment to the reconstruction of Ukraine, which will have paramount dimensions and is placing Europe as the global player» – said Petrucco.

Honorary Presidencies of Luisa Todini and Thomas Bauer

The event was also the ideal occasion for FIEC President Philip Crampton to award the Honorary Presidencies to Luisa Todini (Italy) and Thomas Bauer (Germany).«We pay this tribute to two VIPs of the construction industry to thank them for their unfailing commitment over the years spent with FIEC», announced Crampton during the ceremony held in the festive setting of Terrazza Caffarelli, located at the heart of Rome’s historical city centre.

Highlights and people at FIEC Rome Conference

Signing corner of FIEC “family” in Rome

3 Think Tanks – Breakout sessions

Gala dinner and celebration of 2 Honorary Presidencies