Road map on 2030 digital targets


A consultation is currently open on the Road Map on the “Communication on Europe’s digital decade: 2030 digital targets”.  Some aspects are relevant for the construction industry, including building an EU digital infrastructure and the digital transformation of business.  Comments are invited until 9 March 2021.  The consultation can be found on the link below.

EU Social Partners’ consultation on asbestos

On 11 February, FIEC responded to the European Commission’s social partners’ consultation on the protection of workers from asbestos and chemical agents (i.e. lead and di-isocyanates) at work.
In short, FIEC considers that the current EU legal framework is sufficient and does not support stricter occupational exposure limit values (OELs) for the substances under consideration.
In any case, FIEC stresses that it should be as easy as possible for contractors to measure and implement such OELs on construction sites.
Also, the EU should focus rather on accompanying measures (e.g. exchange of good practice, prevention campaigns, etc.), which would guarantee national conformity with EU law and help companies comply with the rules.



#EUIndustryDays 2021 podcast – FIEC on Renovation Wave


Interesting EU Industry Days podcast series laying out the opportunities arising from the post-COVID reality and industrial transformation. The construction, renovation and building industries are a very good example of what it takes to face the industrial and social challenges, and turn them into opportunities. Listen to FIEC Director General Domenico Campogrande in the episode 3 “Brick by Brick” about the Renovation Wave initiative.  This episode will discuss the increasingly environmentally and socially sustainable building environment across Europe, putting particular focus on business opportunities of such ambitions.



Parliament in favour of green public procurement

On 9 February, the European Parliament voted on an own-initiative report (INI) on the New Circular Economy Action Plan. According to an analysis by VoteWatch, the MEPs voted in favour of the establishment of minimum mandatory criteria and targets for green public procurement. Moreover, they urged the European Commission to come forward with a legislative proposal for green public procurement procedures.