New Commission President’s European Green Deal to hit construction

New European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has set out plans to extend the Emissions Trading System (ETS) to construction.  However, it is not clear how she specifically intends to do this. Construction is currently a non-ETS sector.  FIEC expected further measures to be applied to construction under the Effort Sharing Decision.  However, extending the scope of the ETS could have far-reaching consequences, so the specific action proposed will have to be scrutinised. Other proposals likely to have an impact on our industry include the Sustainable Europe Investment Plan, the New Circular Economy Action Plan, a Digital Services Act and the Digital Education Action Plan.


Member States compliance with EU law: the good, the bad and the ugly

Earlier this month, the European Commission released its annual report on monitoring the application of EU law. Together with the online Single Market Scoreboard, this gives an overview on EU countries’ performance in applying EU law correctly and in a timely manner.
The annual report for 2018 shows a small increase (by 0.8%) of open infringement cases compared to 2017.
On the Single Market Scoreboard, the best performing countries (green cards) were Portugal, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden and Lithuania, while the most red and yellow cards (i.e. performance below average and average performance) were given to Spain, Italy, Greece and Luxembourg.