Building the change : How can construction help lead the way to 2050 ?

In the framework of our annual event co-organised this year by FIEC (European Construction Industry Federation) and EIC (European International Contractors), in cooperation with our Belgian member federation, EMBUILD, a joint conference was held on 17 May focusing on a single key question: “Building the change: How can construction help lead the way to 2050?”The year 2024 will inevitably bring changes in EU-level politics. Following the forthcoming EU elections there will be a new composition of the European Parliament, a new Commission and a new President of the European Council.

The objective of this conference was to inform the EU policymakers about the FIEC-EIC recommendations for the EU term 2024 – 2029 and to discuss with them the priorities for the construction sector for the next five years.

We asked our speakers, guests and policy experts “How can construction help lead the way to 2050 ?”

EU Commissioner for Jobs and Employment, Nicolas Schmit, addressed the audience and indicated that the European Commission counts on FIEC’s action and mediation – as official Partner in the Social Dialogue – to build a more resilient and sustainable Europe for the construction ecosystem.
In his intervention he reminded that “Construction plays a key role in the decarbonisation of our economies and society and for a fair and inclusive transition towards climate neutrality. This sector offers a job potential across all skill groups (…). This point is highlighted in our Impact Assessment and the EU Communication on the 2040 Climate Targets”.

We have to think about the EU as a single bloc and to improve the Single Market for a more competitive Union”, explained Karel Lannoo, CEO at CEPS and keynote speaker.

The green transition is possible if we act together. The issue of regulatory coherence is crucial to succeed. (…) We have the momentum to invest in research and innovation, and let the construction sector reap the benefits of the change.”, said Philippe Moseley, Team leader at the European Commission (DG GROW, Construction Unit).

Paola Malabaila (Vice-President of ANCE and CEO of Malabaila & Arduino S.p.A.), presenting the views of an SME, Renaud Digoin Danzin (Chief Strategy Officer at Bouygues Construction), presenting the views of a large conrtactor, and Nina Kreutzman (President of the Standing Committee Building, European Federation of Building and Woodworkers – EFBWW), presenting the views of the workers, actively contributed to the discussion.

We thank all speakers, the audience and our partners who joined us and worked together to make this event a success.



Snapshots from the FIEC-EIC Conference

Snapshots from the FIEC-EIC-EMBUILD festive evening

New President and FIEC Steering Committee elected (mandate 2024-2026)

Following the FIEC General Assembly meeting held in Brussels on 16 May 2024, the Italian contractor, Piero PETRUCCO, is the new President of the European Construction Industry Federation, at the head of the newly elected Steering Committee.

Piero Petrucco succeeds Philip Crampton, whose term of office has come to its statutory end.

Ing. Piero Petrucco is CEO at I.CO.P. S.p.A. Società Benefit (ICOP).
Born in Udine in 1962, he started working in 1988 at I.CO.P. S.p.A., the family construction company, which operates in foundations and micro-tunnel construction and in the field of road and hydraulic works. Today it is one of the leading European companies in micro-tunnel and special foundation works. With his brother, Vittorio Petrucco, he collaborates in the management of all I.CO.P. S.P.A Group Italian and foreign companies. He represented the interests of the construction industry in leading positions, first at national level as Vice-President of ANCE. At European level as FIEC Vice-President in charge of Sustainability since 2019 and as FIEC First Vice-President since May 2023.

The newly elected members of the FIEC Steering Committee are:

Piero PETRUCCO (IT), President
VicePresidents (in alphabetical order):
María-Ángeles ASENJO (ES), representing Spain
Grete ASPELUND (NO), representing the group DK, FI, NO, SE
Benoît CHAUVIN (FR), representing the EIC (European International Contractors)
Philip CRAMPTON (IE), representing the group IE, PT, EE, LT
Konstantinos GOLIOPOULOS (GR), representing the group CY, GR
Christophe MAES (BE), representing the group BE, LU, NL
Paola MALABAILA (IT), representing Italy
Rüdiger OTTO (DE), representing Germany
Jean-Pierre PASERI (FR), representing France
Laurentiu PLOSCEANU (RO), representing the group BG, CZ, SK, RO
Walter SEEMANN (AT), representing the group AT, SI, HR, HU


Paola Malabaila to speak at Euractiv event on the revision of the EPBD

This is a reminder that Ing. Paola Malabaila, CEO of  Malabaila & Arduino Construction, Vice-President of FIEC’s Italian member ANCE and newly elected member of the FIEC Steering Committee, will participate in the Euractiv event on “Building a sustainable future – the revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive” on Thursday, 23 May.Registration is still open.