“Small steps (in RTD) sometimes better than big leaps” says FIEC President

FIEC President Kjetil Tonning spoke at the ECTP conference last week, reflecting on the question “Will Horizon Europe be fit for purpose for the construction industry?”  Expressing support for the EU’s investment in RTD, but adding that specific programmes for construction needed to match the research needs of the industry, while also being less onerous in terms of application procedures, Tonning suggested ways in which Horizon Europe could be more accessible for contractors. He also concluded that “sometimes small steps that benefit many people prove a better investment than big leaps that ultimately only benefit a few”. Read the full speech by clicking on the link below.



Two important votes in the EMPL Committee

This week on 20/11 the members of the EMPL (Employment and Social affairs) Committee of the European Parliament (EP) will vote on two important topics :
  1. The revision of the “Social Security” Regulations (Rapporteur : G. Balas – FR/S&D) : the Council adopted its “common approach” before the summer break, but the discussions within the EP have been more controversial and more than 700 amendments have been presented .
  2. The proposal for setting up a “European Labour Authority” (Rapporteur : J. Lenaers – NL/EPP) : despite the numerous amendments tabled, there is a strong willingness of the 2 largest political groups, the EPP and the S&D, to reach an agreement; at the same time the discussions within the Council are also progressing rapidly under the Austrian EU Presidency.
If an agreement is reached within the EMPL Committee on these two issues, the negotiations with the Council will start before the end of the year.
With the EU elections approaching there is strong political pressure on the legislators to finalise these legislative procedures by February 2019 at the latest.

Stakeholder Workshop Urban Autonomous Mobility : what role for standards ?

A one-day stakeholder workshop will be held on 21st November to discuss and identify specific standardization gaps. There will be a discussion on the challenges that different modes of transport within an urban system will experience due to autonomous mobility:

  • What road infrastructure and sensors will need to be standardized to allow seamless public transport?
  • How do we create interoperability of data across road and air in a city?

The workshop will identify areas and ways in which standards help resolve some of these challenges. Participants will develope a basis for a roadmap on standardization for autonomous mobility.

Yann Lefeuvre, eMobility Manager from the company Colas, will represent FIEC in panel discussions.