Communication on restoring freedom of movement

On 13 May, the European Commission published a Communication which gives guidance on the process of gradually lifting travel restrictions and internal border controls.
Progress towards the re-establishment of freedom of movement should depend on the epidemiological situation while taking economic and social considerations into account. Until free circulation is fully restored, the Commission points out, easing ongoing restrictions in key areas such as construction should be prioritised.



More virtual meetings for European Parliament

As the Covid-19 crisis continues and in spite of various measures to come out of lockdown across the Member States, more virtual meetings have been fixed for the European Parliament, for its governing bodies, political groups and committees.  The updated calendar can be found on the link below.


European Commission consults on support tool about social security systems

On 13th May, the European Commission launched an online survey to improve the information it provides via the ‘A-Z of coordination’ on the coordination of social security systems. The ‘A-Z of coordination’ is an online e-learning module which explains the basic principles and functioning of the EU social security coordination regulations by reference to some 70 keywords and almost 200 questions and answers.