Reducing labour shortages by improving skills matching

FIEC co-signed a statement from EU sectoral employers’ associations on “reducing labour shortages by improving skills matching”.
European employers are concerned about the growing skills mismatches and labour force shortages in a majority of Member States. If left unaddressed, this worrying trend will have a negative impact on innovation and productivity. The construction sector is already confronted with the challenge of attracting motivated and competent workers.
Labour force shortages and skills mismatches are caused by both cyclical and structural factors, both of which need to be addressed. Therefore, cross-industry and sectoral employers call on policy-makers and social partners at all appropriate levels to:
  • reform education and training systems,
  • put in place a new EU VET strategy for 2030,
  • strengthen cooperation between businesses, schools, vocational schools, professional colleges and universities,
  • foster the role of sectoral social dialogue,
  • develop concrete initiatives to close the digital skills gap,
  • promote labour mobility across Europe and within the Member States.
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ECB revises economic outlook downwards

The ECB’s (European Central Bank) Governing Council opted for a more expansive monetary policy in reaction to revised macroeconomic projections and called for a greater contribution to growth by Member States’ fiscal policies. In the view of economic downward risks, FIEC recalls the necessity of increased investment in Europe’s competitiveness. Against this background FIEC welcomes “a more growth-friendly fiscal stance” EC President-elect Ursula von der Leyen states in her mission letter to Paolo Gentiloni, Commissioner-designate for Economy. These words must be backed up by actions in the future!

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Also new in FIEC team…

We are very pleased to welcome a trainee for a few months in our team. Yumna Aziz is a second-year undergraduate student studying BA International Relations at Coventry University. She will help us in her role as a Policy Assistant.

Meeting with delegation from the Land Hessen

FIEC met in Brussels a delegation of construction representatives from the Land Hessen (Germany), in which former President of ZDB Dr.-Ing. Hans-Hartwig Loewenstein was also present.

These kind of meetings are important to present FIEC’s priorities, as well as to bring the EU close to the local level and to ensure that the respective priorities are aligned.