Happy Anniversary to our Belgian Member!


The Belgian Confédération Construction/ Confederatie Bouw is celebrating its 75th Anniversary !

This is an opportunity for us to pay tribute to the essential work of our national federations ensuring that the construction sector can continue to play its key role in the long term sustainable development of a country’s economy.

Over the decades, the Confédération Construction has constantly adapted to meet changing needs and tackle new challenges and this with great success !  All these years, the federation has been a reliable member of FIEC with remarkable representives, notably amongst their former Presidents, the Belgian contractors Edgard Frankignoul, Gérard de Gezelle, Paul Willemen, Dirk Cordeel, Johan Willemen who have successfully defended the interests of the sector also at European level as President of FIEC, but also René Spaenhoven, Michel Dussenne, Rob Lenaers, Jean-Pierre Coirbay and more recently Paul Depreter whom we thank for their valuable commitment as FIEC Vice-President.

Congratulations to our Belgian colleagues and long live the Conféfération Construction!


Prices hikes put infrastructure projects in Slovakia at risk


The rapid rise of construction material prices may compromise several large EU-funded infrastructure projects in Slovakia. Under EU rules, the deadline for the completion of these projects is 2023, but authorities are worried that price hikes will prevent projects being finished by then.

Public authorities are particularly worried about big infrastructure projects in the country. However, Pavol Kováčik, President of the Slovak Construction Association and FIEC member federation ZSPS, said that this is just the tip of the iceberg. He states that problems exist for every project, adding that, in some cases, the price of projects have gone up by 25% of the original price. For more details check out the article published by Euractiv:


On 10th November, Angela Martina, Chair of FIEC subcommission “Vocational Education & Training”, participated in a Live Discussion on how social partners promote apprenticeship in the construction sector. This event was organised by the European Alliance for Apprenticeship (EAfA) whose FIEC is member, together with the EFBWW.

Angela Martina highlighted a few policy initiatives and projects, both at EU and national levels, which aim at promoting quality apprenticeship in our sector.
The joint FIEC-EFBWW website “Construction for Youth” was amongst these examples.

BIM-Speed – Join the EU BIM for Building Renovation competition!

Launched back in June by the Partners of BIM-Speed project, BIM SPEED Competition challenges to develop a renovation project using BIM tools to improve energy efficiency and comfort, while reducing duration and costs.

An independent jury will anonymously evaluate all projects submitted by the participants, with final prizes to be awarded to the top 3 finalists in each category: professionals and students.

You can click here to check the entry requirements and start the registration process.
Deadline to register – 14 January 2022!