BIM-SPEED Competition – Join the Info Session!


The BIM-SPEED project partners are organising an Info session on the EU BIM for Building Renovation Competition on 21 March from 12:00 to 13:30 (CET). The info session will explain how professionals and students can register and participate in the competition, what prizes they can win and try out different BIM tools developed under the project. After the presentations on the BIM-SPEED tools there will be a short Q&A session where attendees will have the opportunity to ask more questions to the BIM experts about the tools.

The BIM Competition runs until 25 April 2022 and is open to both professionals and students from different backgrounds.

You can register to the info session here.



Wonderworld: new FNTP’s documentary series to promote the sector. Watch EPISODE 1

FIEC’s French member federation, Fédération Nationale des Travaux Publics (FNTP) has launched a new documentary series named ‘’Wonderworld’’, an ambitious action aimed at promoting the construction sector and its impact on the world. It is a result of the intertwining of extraordinary projects carried out by some French public works companies and young workers in search of challenges. Each episode is an immersive journey to discover a mission and the team of those sector enthusiasts who carried it out. The four episodes cast light on four great technological and human adventures: the first one is dedicated to the Chernobyl Arch; the second one is focused on the largest water towers in Africa; the third on Ariane 6 launch pad in Guyana and the fourth on the roads of Iceland. The videos released in French by FNTP on its Website and YouTube channel, were presented with great success during the Forum of Public Works (Forum de Travaux Publics) held in Paris on 24 February 2022.To know more about the series, visit FNTP website

Discover the first episode on the Chernobyl Arch.


Future of public works: green construction should be a competitive advantage

On 8 March, FIEC organised its second Webinar of the series entitled “Making the business case for green construction“. Dealing with the greening of public works, the Webinar brought together legislators, public buyers and construction companies committed to foster the green transition in public infrastructure and buildings.The representative of the European Commission presented its initiatives aiming at promoting the greening of public procurement, including practical assistance tools such as the “ex-ante mechanism” for large infrastructure projects. Following the presentations of public buyers, it was obvious that award criteria will increasingly refer to the environmental and CO2 performance of companies. Such approaches have been welcomed by company representatives arguing that investments in green construction techniques must be a business case and be rewarded accordingly in public tenders.
FIEC is committed to further fostering the dialogue between the market actors, in order to contribute to spreading awareness about the green transition and green construction practices. Progress can only be made through enhanced communication and a predictable business environment.



3 June 2022: Conference on Maintenance and Safety of Bridges


On Friday 3rd June 2022, STRRES, ACRP and PIARC in cooperation with FIEC will organise in Brussels a conference dedicated to the ‘’Maintenance and safety of bridges in Europe – A lever for the ecological transition’’.

This event aims at highlighting the crucial importance of the maintenance of engineering structures, in particular bridges, with respect for the environment and the need to reduce the carbon footprint of our economies.

The event will gather experts and high level speakers from the EU Institutions, national authorities and the construction industry.

For more information, please check the event’s programme by clicking the link below.