DigiPLACE website launched

The DigiPLACE consortium has launched the project website. The EU Co-ordination and Support Action aims to develop a reference architecture framework for a digital industrial platform for the construction industry.  Details of the project’s progress, latest news and information about forthcoming events can be found on the site, which is accessible via the link below.



10 & 11 June, Strasbourg –
Security of Bridges in Europe

According to our estimates, there are about 800,000 road bridges in the European Union. Most of them were constructed in the 1950s. These structures are ageing and we have observed a continuous degradation of their health during the past decades. The restricted operation or temporary closure of bridges not only has socio-economic consequences, given that bridges are strategic points that connect people and economies. A lack of maintenance may also result in their collapse and even human fatalities as has happened on several occasions in the past.The conference on 10 and 11 June in Strasbourg, organised with the support of FIEC, is an opportunity to assemble the relevant stakeholders in order to raise awareness on this crucial issue.

More information will follow soon.

SAVE THE DATE: 19 & 20 March, Zagreb – Conference on “Tackling Undeclared Work in  Construction”

In the framework of the EU Construction Social Dialogue, FIEC and EFBWW are working on a joint project on “Tackling Undeclared Work In the Construction” (TUWIC).

The final conference of this project will take place on 19 and 20 March in Zagreb, Croatia.

On this occasion, initiatives undertaken both at EU and/or the national level will be presented. Also, this conference will be the starting point for an EU-wide sectoral prevention campaign, launched in parallel to a wider cross-sectoral campaign by the EU Platform against Undeclared Work.


Learn more about the SKILLCO project

The SKILLCO project (www.skillco.eu), co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme, is coming to an end. The aim of the project was to assess the skills gaps and needs in the construction industry in Germany, Hungary and Slovenia and to develop specific training modules both for pupils and teachers in order to address these gaps.If you want to learn more about the project check the video that you can find by clicking on the button below, which presents the final conference of the project and some of its main outcomes.