Sustainable Finance – July Package

On 6 July, the European Commission published its Sustainable Finance “July Package” in order to drive forward the financing of the transition to a carbon neutral continent.The package consists of:

  • a delegated act defining the reporting requirements for the EU Taxonomy
  • a legislative proposal for a European Green Bond Standard
  • the renewed Sustainable Finance Strategy
As a Member of the Platform on Sustainable Finance, FIEC will closely follow these initiatives and especially monitor the practical functioning of the EU Taxonomy in the construction sector.



EU Standardisation Strategy

The European Commission is inviting feedback on the EU Standardisation Strategy, which aims to address the challenges facing the European standardisation system and to develop solutions.The initiative is a response to the need to be more assertive and strategic at international level and also aims to address the standardisation needs arising from the green and digital transformation of the EU’s industrial ecosystem.

A short consultation period on the road map is open until 9 August.  FIEC is currently preparing its response.  Feedback can be submitted by following the link below.



Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) review


On Monday 5 July, the European Commission published its latest edition of the “Employment and Social Developments in Europe (ESDE) review”.

This report provides evidence on the widening of regional inequalities related to the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, job losses were on average five times greater in rural areas than in cities.

This report also shows that Member States with a strong social dialogue proved to be able to quickly design and deploy measures in response to the crisis, such as short-time work schemes.

This report also discuss the effects of climate-related hazards on labour productivity: the construction sector is among the industries that suffers the most from heat and cold extremes.