Covid Recovery Fund : The multiplier effect of investing in the EU construction sector

While the European Commission is finalising its proposal for the Covid Recovery Fund, FIEC, together with EBC abd CPE, launched a new appeal to Commissioner Breton, in order to  highlight the multiplier effect of investing in construction.According to several studies the spending multiplier effect for construction is the highest in many Member States, ranging between 1.9 and 2.9. In other words, every €1 spent on construction generates additional €1.9 to €2.9 in the overall economy.

This means that an initial dedicated budget of €320B to the construction ecosystem in the EU Recovery Plan, as the 3 organisations requested, would have a multiplier effect (leverage factor) ranging between €608B and €928B.



Road map on Renovation Wave

The European Commission has launched a road map on the forthcoming Renovation Wave, which is a key proposed action under the Green Deal. The document integrates climate, energy and environmental objectives, those from the industrial strategy and consumer welfare and fair transition goals. A short consultation period has been opened for feedback.  Further information can be found below.



Upcoming guidelines for lifting border controls

The European Commission is expected to issue guidelines for a gradual lifting of border controls this week. The Baltic countries already decided to restore free movement between them from 15 May. Nationals from other EU Member States will still be subject to obligatory quarantine when entering the countries.
After having adapted to health and safety requirements and with several Member States relaxing confinement measures, construction works are resuming progressively. However, restrictions to the free movement of services and workers are leading to considerable supply chain disruption, which is inhibiting the sector’s recovery.



EU-OSHA Healthy Workplaces campaign 2020-2022: “Lighten the load!”

The EU-OSHA will launch its new Healthy Workplaces campaign in October 2020, but the pre-campaign website is already available. This time again, the theme of the campaign will be on work-related musculoskeletal disorders.FIEC is usually a partner in the EU-OSHA campaigns.
In the meantime of course, the EU-OSHA is concentrating on the COVID-19 crisis and how to resume work in the best possible conditions.