FIEC’s ambassador for #BuildingLife campaign


At the end of 2020, FIEC joined the #BuildingLife campaign and will officially launch its related communication activities within the coming weeks. The campaign aims to promote the reduction of emissions across the entire life cycle of a building.  A European Leaders Forum will have its first meeting later this month and the topic will be discussed by the campaign’s ambassadors as well as policy makers at EU level.  FIEC’s ambassador is Henriette Thuen, Leading Senior Advisor, Confederation of Danish Industry.  Click below to see what she says about FIEC’s participation on the campaign.



Annual report on intra-EU labour mobility

The European Commission has recently published its annual report on intra-EU labour mobility – 2020.
The Analysis identifies trends in free movement of workers and their family members, based on the latest available data (2019/2018).
The main document is accompanied by the Labour mobility at a glance paper that summarizes the main results of the report.
According to the report, construction is amongst the sectors that, over the past 10 years, have seen the most changes in employment of «EU-28 movers». That is, employment of movers decreased in importance, although construction remains the third largest sector (after manufacturing and wholesale and retail trade), employing 10% of movers.


#BIMSPEED Survey – deadline extended


Digitalisation of construction is changing our industry. Help us understand and shape the future of the construction in the EU.
This survey is available in 19 languages. Please complete it – THANK YOU!