Riga – Successful seminar on communication tools

On 5th March, the Latvian construction employers and trade unions organisations (LBP and LBA) hosted a seminar in the framework of the European project for social dialogue “TANSIRC” (Towards A New Start of Industrial Relations in Construction in the Central and Eastern European Countries).
The seminar focused on national collective agreements as a way to promote national sectoral organisations and attract new members.
The presentations and discussions also addressed the current trends in digital communication tools and how sectoral organisations can better reach their target audience.



Circular Economy Principles on Buildings Design

After more than two years of work by a group of stakeholders including FIEC, hosted by the European Commission as part of its Construction 2020 initiative, this valuable guide to the construction industry has been published.  Helping us to re-think the design of buildings right from the outset, the document outlines the focus on flexible building design, with the ultimate aim of either changing the use of the building, or if necessary, deconstructing it in a way that as many as possible of the materials can be recycled or reused.  The document can be found by clicking on the link below.

FIEC Symposium on the Security of Bridges

According to our estimates, there are about 800,000 road bridges in the European Union. Most of them were constructed in the 1950s. These structures are ageing and we have observed a continuous degradation of their health during the past decades. The restricted operation or temporary closure of bridges not only has socio-economic consequences, given that bridges are strategic points that connect people and economies. A lack of maintenance may also result in their collapse and even human fatalities as has happened on several occasions in the past.

The symposium on 10 and 11 June in Strasbourg, organised under the aegis of FIEC, is an opportunity to bring together the relevant stakeholders in order to raise awareness on this crucial issue.

For more information and registration, please click on the following link.



EU Taxonomy: Expert group’s final report

On 9 March, the Technical Expert Group on sustainable finance (TEG) published its final report on EU taxonomy. It lays out the conditions under which certain economic activities can be considered as environmentally sustainable. This report will be the basis for the first series of delegated acts that will be published by the European Commission at the end of this year. According to the Sustainable Europe Investment Plan, the use of taxonomy might go well beyond the labelling of financial products.

Due to the key role construction plays when it comes to environmental sustainability, our industry occupies a prominent role in the report with an entire chapter and some sub-chapters being dedicated to sector related activities such as the construction of new buildings or the renovation of existing ones.