New survey launched to improve reporting of collective bargaining in the EU

Eurofound provides systematic and comparable data on national industrial relations systems and developments in working life. This is done through monitoring and reporting tools integrated in the European Observatory of Working Life (EurWORK).
Eurofound has launched a new stakeholder survey with the aim of improving the way in which it reports on collective bargaining.
The survey is aimed at governments, social partner organisations (employer representatives and trade unions) in all EU Member States, as well as the European Commission. It is designed to ascertain which kinds of data and information about collective bargaining are most useful and worthwhile for stakeholders. The survey will remain open until 30 September 2017.Should you be interested in participating in the survey, please click here below.




Sustainability assessment framework published

The long anticipated voluntary assessment framework for the environmental performance of buildings has finally been published by the European Commission. Some three years in development, with the Joint Research Centre and industry stakeholders involved, the framework has been given the name Level(s).  It is aimed at office and residential buildings and contains key indicators on energy performance, construction and demolition waste, water consumption and indoor comfort, amongst other things. A test phase will start in the autumn and FIEC is currently undertaking its own internal appraisal of the framework. The federation is also looking for volunteers from the member companies of its national member federations to take part in the test phase. 




8th September, Brussels: stakeholders’ hearing on the services e-card

On Friday 8th September, the social partners of theinsurance, cleaning and construction industries will hold a hearing on the proposed services e-card.
The European Commission has published legislative measures for the introduction of a European services e-card that aim to further facilitate the provision of services in the EU.
As sectors directly targeted by the proposal, the social partners of the cleaning, construction and insurance sectors have voiced concerns about the proposal and its ability to strengthen the single market for services.
At this hearing, practitioners from the above-mentioned sectors will discuss the expected impact of the proposed measures. The interventions will be followed by an exchange with the audience.
The event will take place at the European Economic Social Committee, meeting room JDE 63, from 10.00 to 12.30.