EU Commission launches new initiative on health and safety

The EU Commission recently presented a new action plan for improving safety and health in the workplace. This initiative aims, amongst other things, to take into account changing work patterns and society, with a particular focus on SMEs. It is also part of the REFIT exercise, which aims at making EU legislation simpler, more relevant and effective.  FIEC, in collaboration with its Social Partner the EFBWW, will now examine how this initiative can be translated into effective improvements for construction companies.





EU Urban Agenda: FIEC applies for urban mobility partnership

On 12th January, 4 partnerships were launched in the framework of the EU Urban Agenda. They will deal with: the circular economy, led by the city of Oslo (NO); digital transition, led by Estonia and the cities of Oulu (FI) and Sofia (BG); jobs and skills, led by Romania and the cities of Jelgava (LV) and Rotterdam (NL); urban mobility, led by the Czech Republic and the city of Karlsruhe (DE). 
These partnerships aim to facilitate cooperation on 12 issues at different administrative and political levels within the EU. They are scheduled to last 2 to 3 years and will pursue a number of goals: improving EU legislation taking account of the needs of cities, improving access to European financial instruments and funding, enhancing the sharing of best practice between cities. FIEC is applying for participation in the partnership on urban mobility.NB: 4 partnerships were already put in place in 2016 on air qualityhousingrefugees and migrants andurban poverty





TEC-2 meets, with new Chairman

TEC-2, FIEC’s sub-commission on Research, Development and Innovation, has had its first meeting of the year, with a new Chairman.  Claude Dumoulin brings years of experience in construction, gained with companies such as Bouygues.  He has already been involved with FIEC for more than three years, in activities including the BIM Working Group and in his role as FIEC’s representative in CEN/TC 442 on Building Information Modelling. Amongst other things, TEC-2 discussed the recent consultation on the interim evaluation of the Horizon 2020 programme and ideas for themes for the next programme.