Working safer with construction machines : a multi-stakeholder approach

The EU Social Partners for the construction industry, FIEC and the EFBWW, in cooperation with CECE (the Committee for European Construction Equipment) have finalised a joint project entitled “Working safer with construction machines”. The project was co-financed by the European Commission.
The overall objective was to increase workplace safety and health by fostering a direct collaboration between producers (the manufacturers) and users (construction companies and workers) of specific types of machinery.

The main outcomes consist of a “Memorandum of Understanding” between the 3 organisations concerned, as well as 4 factsheets on: the European standardisation process, ergonomics, collision avoidance and on-site organisation and training of workers.

Further information about the project and its outcomes (available in 9 different EU languages) can be downloaded by clicking on the button below.



“Construction 4.0 – A Once in a Generation Opportunity”

Kjetil Tonning, FIEC’s President Elect was on the panel of speakers at this morning’s Digital in Practice Programme workshop, organised by DIGITALEUROPE. The workshop aimed to identify keys to unleash the potential of digitalisation in the European construction industry by way of concrete examples of how digitalisation can reach the building site and generate quick and tangible benefits. Mr Tonning challenged the notion that the construction industry is not innovative and explained that digitalisation is happening at different speeds in different countries, with some first movers already ahead in their use of BIM, digital processes, automation and even 3D printing. “The challenge is to ensure that all construction companies, including the small enterprises which make up the majority of companies in the industry, can participate in this game-changing transformation” he said.  FIEC recently widened the scope of its BIM Working Group to include the larger subject of Construction 4.0 and Mr Tonning chairs this group.




FIEC President speaks at 3rd European Engineers Day 2017

Earlier this month (5th October), President Jean-Louis Marchand addressed the challenges and perspectives of the European construction industry on the occasion of the 3rd European Engineers Day 2017, in Vienna.
Speaking to a high level audience, he insisted that the construction industry is ready to provide the infrastructure and highly efficient buildings that are needed for Europe’s growth, competitiveness and adaptation to climate change, but this is dependent on the availability of appropriate financial means.
In particular, Marchand advocated that the next EU budget (post-2020) must be ambitious and must target the right priorities. In parallel, private investment needs to be stimulated further.
He also highlighted that, in contrast to the usual cliché, the construction industry has entered a digital revolution (“Construction 4.0”), which is radically changing construction processes and the skills that are required to support these.