17 April 2018

Kjetil Tonning elected as new FIEC President

Kjetil Tonning, Civil & Structural Engineer (M.Sc.) Business Economist (BBA), was elected President of FIEC during its General Assembly meeting in Brussels on 11/4/2018.
He became President Elect in 2017, and now succeeds the French contractor Jean-Louis Marchand, whose term of office has come to its statutory end.
Kjetil Tonning has more than 30 years of professional experience in leading positions in national and international construction companies and consulting engineering firms, as well as in the Norwegian army. He is currently Area Manager, Heavy Construction, with Veidekke Entreprenør AS, Norway’s largest construction company (7,400 operatives, 224 apprentices, 100 trainees). He also holds numerous honorary chairmanships and is on the boards of regional, national and European companies and professional associations of contractors and consulting engineers.On the same day the General Assembly appointed the members of the new Steering Committee which will accompany the President throughout his mandate.



European Commission proposes to further strengthen consumer rights

On 11th April, the European Commission presented its “New Deal for Consumers”. This initiative aims at updating and strengthening certain aspects of consumer rights taking into account the recent developments of the digital era. It will also increase enforcement powers of public authorities through more “deterrent” sanctions in cases of breaches. Also, in the aftermath of  “Dieselgate”, the European Commission is creating an EU-style class action for citizens.
In parallel, this New Deal is also expected to remove some of the unnecessary burden for businesses, including by lifting obligations on companies concerning the consumer’s withdrawal right, for instance.
FIEC will assess in detail the possible negative and/or positive impact of this New Deal on construction companies in the context of their B2C relations.


Call for proposals for project on “Posting of Workers”

In the framework of the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) the European Commission published a Call for Proposals for projects on “Posting of workers”.
The proper functioning of administrative cooperation among Member States and improved access to information on applicable terms and conditions of employment and administrative requirements for companies in a transparent and accessible manner, are essential for the correct application, implementation and enforcement of the legislation on “Posting”.
In order to achieve these objectives, with this call for proposals the European Commission intends to fund transnational cooperation initiatives aimed at developing autonomous and concrete initiatives by the relevant stakeholders involved in the context of posting.
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